10 Truly Horrible Things Video Games Made You Do

Want the door key? Time to go fishing in a corpse...


As a wise man once said, "You can't always get what you want" - a rule game developers have decided even applies in the computerised fantasy world of video games.

Sometimes they just put your heart's virtual desire behind a boss you can't beat no matter how many Red Bulls you down over an eight-hour gaming session, or you just can't swallow the prospect of making the micropayment needed to advance.

However, it is these trials the player overcomes that makes the achievement feel meaningful, and so by proxy, games need challenges that feel substantial to be satisfying.

But sometimes, developers decide to really put the player through the wringer.

They do more than just make us try harder or practice more, and push other limits in a way only video games can. Their game becomes more than just a challenge, and turns into a trial of willpower and emotional resilience, testing to see just how much you want to advance.

Sometimes our games torment us with more than just a spike in difficulty, and make us do things we'd really rather not.


Ben Counter is a fantasy and science fiction writer, gaming enthusiast, wrestling fan and miniature painting guru. He was raised on Warhammer, Star Wars and 1980s cartoons that, in retrospect, were't that good. Whoever you are, he is nerdier than you.