10 Truly Horrible Things Video Games Made You Do

9. Punishing Poseidon In God Of War 3

Resident Evil 7

The God of War series makes a virtue of Kratos' exaggerated kill-happiness, an attribute that reaches it apex in the third instalment where Kratos kills almost everyone he encounters, whether doing so serves a purpose or not.

His early boss fight against the sea god Poseidon, however, is arguably the nastiest Kratos ever gets.

After overcoming Poseidon's crab/horse/tidal wave form, the Spartan psychopath has the Olympian's human form at his mercy. What ensues is the most brutal quick-time event in gaming history.

It starts with Kratos battering his downed foe in a conventional enough manner, until the game switches to Poseidon's point of view. After a administering a brutal shoeing, Kratos hooks his thumbs into Poseidon's eye sockets and, in response to the player clicking both thumbsticks, gouges out the sea god's eyes. It's not just an appallingly brutal kill, but uses the player's input in the series' most savage moment, ultimately making you think, "Did he really have to go that far?!"


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