10 Truly Terrible Video Game Covers

6. Mary-Kate and Ashley Crush Course

It would be easy to think that we're being harsh on this one because it's a terrible video game about Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, at least until you look at the damn thing. Garish, washed-out style not withstanding, and ignoring the appalling grammar - surely it's "Mary-Kate and Ashley's Crush Course"? - this is another cover that just doesn't make sense. It is as though they pulled up the first stock images of the Olsen twins they could find, and thought, "Yup, that'll do". It completely ignores the context of those little speech bubbles below their faces, and asinine though those remarks are, surely it would make sense to have pictures of the twins that at least reflect what they're saying? Mary-Kate says, "He doesn't even know I'm alive", yet smiles as though completely care-free; why not use an image of her with a playfully quizzical expression on her face? Or better yet, don't include those reductive, stereotypical remarks on the cover in the first place and do us all a favour, short of never actually making the game in the first place.
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