10 Truly Terrible Video Game Quests We're All Sick Of

That line between challenge and chore has blurred into one.


A great video game mission is like great theatre – a riveting and emotional roller-coaster that sends the adrenaline pumping. You can probably still remember the heart-pounding highs and the spirit-crushing lows of your favourite gaming quests; they’re challenging experiences that stayed with you long after the credits roll.

On the other hand, bad video game missions just leave you feeling cold and dead inside. They can be fun – for the first time, at least, as you begin to explore a game's world and the mechanics – but then a malaise kicks in.

You end doing them out of misplaced loyalty, or that desperate compulsion to 100% a game. Granted, they add an extra 100 hours or so - perfect if you're into forgettable quests designed to be repetitive, lazy and lacklustre - but you've done them in so many games that they all merged into one uber-side-quest; boring busywork to keep you ‘entertained’ between all the awesome missions.

And frankly, we’re sick of ‘em.

Okay, you don’t have to grind through them all, but if you do decide to clear all those side-quests, these are the ones that always cause the most annoyance.

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