10 Truly Terrible Video Game Quests We're All Sick Of

10. Fetch This, Fetch That


Is there a more lacklustre type of mission than a fetch quest? It’s right up there with QTEs as a lazy, basic form of padding; force gamers to do something, anything – boom! That’s immersion, right?

Fetch quests are notable for being almost entirely redundant in the game universe. Rarely do they impact the overarching experience, and mostly, they’re just so damn dull.

There you are, an everyday hero, stumbling across yet another lazy bum who doesn’t want to do any work and sees you as a sucker who’s got time to fetch a MacGuffin, either bringing it back or delivering it to another slacker halfway across the map.

I’ve played thousands of games, yet we can’t name a single standout fetch quest. Not one. Because they’re all so samey, they blur into a single, horrific quest that sees us find things, deliver things, find things, deliver things, find… Yeah, I just love errands.

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