10 Unbelievable Video Game Glitches That Ruined Everything

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No video game is or ever will be perfect, and considering the mind-boggling complexity of modern video games, it's little surprise that even the greatest and most expertly crafted AAA masterwork is full of bugs and glitches.

There simply aren't enough QA testers in the world to catch every single possible permutation of a glitch, though the millions of paying customers can always be relied upon to bring them to light.

While most glitches are fleeting and harmless, there are those that cause far wider harm, either by breaking the game entirely or proving such a total joke as to detract from the intended experience of the game itself.

These 10 video game glitches were egregious, ridiculous, and infuriating enough that, for many players, they tainted the game forever more.

Some turned their game into a glorified meme itself, rendering it impossible to ever be taken seriously again, while others wiped players' entire progress away, and some simply made progression a real pain in the ass.

While glitches this outrageous are mercifully few and far between, if you get caught by one of them, the white-hot, indignant rage is real...

10. Human Anatomy Clipping Through Clothing - Cyberpunk 2077

Heavy Rain
CD Projekt Red & Twitter: ChickiesTendies

The launch of Cyberpunk 2077 was, to be kind, an absolute mess.

The console versions of the game in particular were rife with potentially game-breaking bugs, though even those glitches couldn't match the immersion-annihilating insanity of characters' bodies clipping through their clothes. Yup.

As was widely reported within hours of Cyberpunk's release, a glitch randomly affected a large swath of players whereby parts of their character's anatomy would clip through their clothing as though intangible.

Most prominently, male characters' penises would clip through their trousers, but some discovered that female characters' breasts could also phase through their shirts.

While the glitch initially caused amusement among players, it also turned the game into an overnight laughing stock, taking what was supposed to be a serious, immersive, deep-dish RPG and reducing it down to a dick joke.

Until CD Projekt Red patched the glitch, it was all anyone could talk about. And even today, is anyone really talking that much about the narrative or characters?

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