10 Unbelievable Video Game Glitches That Ruined Everything

9. The Ice Cream Factory Save Corruption - Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Heavy Rain

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is of course one of the greatest games ever released for the PS2, but for those who played first-run copies of the sandbox classic, a potentially game-breaking glitch was lying in wait.

Players who purchase the Cherry Poppers Ice Cream Company factory will find a save point inside, but using said save point had the tendency to corrupt players' save files at total random.

It didn't happen to everyone, but if it did, you instantly lost hours and hours of gameplay given that you aren't able to purchase property until later in Vice City's story.

Though word quickly spread online, back in the less-connected world of 2002 many unsuspecting players found themselves robbed of their precious invested time through no fault of their own.

The glitch was eventually removed from later manufacturing runs of Vice City on PS2 and for all releases on other platforms, but for many the damage had already been done.

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Heavy Rain
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