10 Under-Appreciated Westerns To Watch While You Wait For Red Dead Redemption 2

It's not all Dollars and True Grit...


Fads are funny old things aren't they? Remember when everyone played Pokemon Go. Or had a Tamagotchi. Or considered Donald Trump a funny reality TV star...?

The same rings true for the Western then; once the most popular Hollywood genre, its popularity diminished over the years before two revivals (the second of which we're in the midst of).

What goes around comes around and some of the biggest gaming news of the year saw Rockstar Games see the light and realize they could just print money by developing a new instalment in the Red Dead series. It seems to have slipped in quite comfortably amidst positive reviews from both audience and critics alike for Westworld and the box office success of Antoine Fuqua’s The Magnificent Seven.

So, now's the perfect time to dive back into the Old West. But nobody needs to be told to watch Unforgiven, The Dollars Trilogy or The Searchers, because any self-respecting fan has seen them all. It's better instead to help everyone discover classics they might not have found already.

After all, how will you discover new classics if you just stick to the oft repeated ones? Here are the dusty gems of the Western genre you need to watch to get hyped for Red Dead Redemption...


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