10 Underrated Recent Video Games That Deserve A Second Chance

Sorry, but you're all really wrong about No Man's Sky.

No Man's Sky
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Despite the summer being a bit of a mixed bag where the only big takeaways were Pokémon GO and, erm... nope, just Pokémon GO, the industry has promptly revved its engines and roared back into life with the phenomenal Mafia III and Gears of War 4. Both games provide quite the dual charge of revitalisation to a medium that always excels around this time of year - but what about the games that don't command the spotlight?

For better or worse, the games industry is bigger than ever, resulting in a very Hollywood-like ethos of commissioning any number of projects, before just hoping they stick the landing with consumers.

To that end, you've most definitely heard of the following 10 games, but have you given them the time of day? Let me know in the comments which other underrated gems deserve a second chance, and see what you think of these suggestions first.


10. Hitman

Hitman game
IO Interactive

Despite it easily being one of the best in the series to date (tied with Silent Assassin and Blood Money), 2016's rollout of Hitman has been episodic, resulting in a huge amount of people simply saying, "F that! I'll wait until they're all out."

It's a fair thought process, and come the close of October, Hitman will see its final episode released, but if you're yet to dip your toes in, know that what IO Interactive have created is easily one of the most impressive video game experiences of all time.

From NPC animations to hidden weapons, every nook and cranny is positively rammed with detail. You can opt to get pointed in the direction of orchestrated special kills if you'd like to off targets in style, but the biggest takeaway is just how genuinely impressive each and every level feels like a living, breathing reality of opportunity.

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