10 Underrated Video Games That Need Sequels

9. Pac-Man World

Alpha Protocol

The transition from 2D to 3D was a crucial moment for video game mascots. The same applied to Pac-Man as in 1999, Pac-Man: World was released for the PlayStation.

As the titular character, the player could run, jump and swim to avoid obstacles in a new 3D space. New abilities such as the rev roll and butt bounce were introduced while the metal power-up turned Pac-Man into steel. This allowed him to traverse through hidden pathways to reach bonus objectives. The title also featured creative level themes ranging from pirate ships to spooky islands.

Maze Mode was a feature in the game catered to fans of the original. This put Pac-Man in traditional mazes but with 3D graphics and obstacles. Lastly, the game's boss battles were challenging yet creative. One boss was a homage to Galaga while the final enemy, Toc-Man, required players to master every move in Pac-Man's arsenal.

Though it received two sequels, the series eventually returned to its 2D roots with Pac-Man: Championship Edition. But for fans of the 3D games, Pac-Man: World Re-PAC was announced for modern consoles and is set for a 2022 release. The remake features new graphics and updated designs for the cast. Hopefully, revisiting the original will generate interest in the series once more.


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