10 Underwhelming Video Games With MUST-PLAY DLC

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Bioshock 2

We've all fallen in love with a game so much, we struggle to put it down. But once you've beaten the main campaign and got a 100% completion rating, what then? In the old days of gaming, you would just have to move on and play something else.

But when downloadable content became the norm, it was a literal gamechanger. In recent years, DLCs have become prevalent, allowing consumers to gain access to brand-new features, modes, and levels long after the base game is finished.

Although DLCs can be seen as a manipulative method to squeeze extra cash from consumers, it's understandable from a business standpoint. If gamers are desperate to see more of a lucrative title, it'd be illogical for the developers not to devise an expansion.

Now, DLCs should only work if the game is... y'know... good. If it's trash, why would anyone pay for additional content, just to get more of the crappy experience?

Remarkably, there are a couple of subpar platformers, RPGs, and shooters that managed to churn out a pretty awesome expansion. Even if the game isn't great, it can be worth purchasing, just to get your hands on the bonus campaign and features.

After playing these DLCs, you'll see these disappointing titles have completely redeemed themselves.

10. Dark Souls II: The Lost Crowns

Bioshock 2

Dark Souls II isn't bad, but it's definitely the worst of the trilogy. Considering FromSoftware has been knocking it out of the park ever since, it's safe to say Dark Souls II is also the weakest Soulsborne title.

I mean, it's still fun (Okay, Souls games can't be classified as "fun" but you know what I mean.) But Dark Souls II's biggest defenders can't deny this sequel could've been so much more.

Fortunately, The Lost Crowns add-on set everything right. Rather than repeating the sins of the past, these three extra campaigns discard the linear level design, giving the player a more Metroidvania experience. Although this style required backtracking, it never feels tedious.

On the contrary, it makes you appreciate how well-crafted this world is. Because the paths aren't laid out in front of you, you feel like you're rewarded the more you explore, giving you a more immersive playthrough.

As superb as The Lost Crowns trilogy is as a whole, the final instalment takes things to a whole new level of epicness. By the time you complete it, you'll forget you had any misgivings with Dark Souls II to begin with.

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