10 Unfair Dark Souls Enemies

Which enemies and bosses in the Souls series felt like they were playing dirty?

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While the Souls series prides itself on being difficult but fair, there are definitely moments when it seems like it is falling a little short and moving towards being decidedly unfair.

These moments can be brought to you by specific enemies, bosses, and even by particular areas. It is testament to how well-made and enjoyable the series is that these events and encounters stick out so prominently in the memories (and nightmares) of players, even if they stick out because they drive you insane.

Everyone has their own bugbears and specific enemies that bother them more or less than the average player, but there are some enemies that most would agree make you feel like the deck is stacked against you. The ones that you dread dealing with on new playthroughs or decide ahead of time to avoid and run past.

Looking at the current trilogy of Dark Souls games, what are these small blights on an otherwise tough but enjoyable experience? And what is it about them specifically that makes players feel that way? Here are some suggestions.

10. Bonewheels - All Three Games 

You Died 3

Skeleton enemies that are attached to a wooden spiked wheel (hence the name), the Bonewheel Skeletons made their first appearance in the original Dark Souls and Remaster. Located mainly in the Catacombs and Painted World, they could prove especially difficult to deal with.

Their main attack was to roll towards the player at high speed, stopping only when they hit a wall or were deflected by a shield.

Manageable one on one or in small numbers, the trouble really started when they were in groups and in open spaces where it was very easy to get hit. Once you were hit, you'd be stunlocked by a party of attacking wheels, leading to your death or losing a chunk of health.

They did reappear in Dark Souls 2, being summoned by the Skeleton Lords boss and hanging around in the basement of the Majula mansion. They were also found in the Catacombs of Carthus in Dark Souls 3, but either through redesign or player improvement, they never seemed to pose the same controller-snapping threat that the original version did.

That is to say they were just hugely irritating, instead of downright unfair.

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