10 Unfair Dark Souls Enemies

9. Jailers - Dark Souls 3

You Died 3

These floating harbingers of doom were found in the Irithyll Dungeon, holding a lantern in one hand and a branding iron in the other, which was named a “Soldering Iron” in game for reasons that are never made clear.

They had a line-of-sight attack where the lantern would turn red and your life would start draining. Until you got out from their view, your health would keep ticking down and once the effect was gone, you would need to heal all the HP that had stolen.

The main issue is with the enemy placement. They feel as though they are placed in long corridors and locations where it is nearly impossible to not get most of your health stolen by this attack and if you got close too them, being hit with the soldering iron meant that you couldn’t use your estus flask to heal.

It also increased your equip load which could mean players ended up fat-rolling their way to an untimely death.

One room in particular housed many of them patrolling in a loop and the only way to pass was to snipe them one at a time with a bow or run past. Not fun or fair.

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