10 Unintentionally Hilarious 90s Horror Video Games

10. Dark Seed (1992)


Dark Seed was an interesting PC exclusive notable for the inclusion of artwork created by none other than notorious weirdo artist H. R. Geiger. It was a delightfully bizarre romp through a world split in half by an eldritch alien force seemingly intent on corrupting middle American life.

It would have been a relatively compelling horror experience were it not for the downright horrendous voice acting. Some of the voice lines present here are legendarily bad, and—very much in keeping with many horror games of the early 90's—the protagonist is nothing short of a total dork.

The sequel, which relied pretty heavily on now painfully outdated FMV technology, was perhaps even more cringe-worthy. The protagonist approaches McLovin levels of nerdy, and the whole thing is so incredibly off-kilter that it's outright hilarious.

The best line of dialogue in this duology also comes from the second game: upon approaching a mannequin in a storage room, the protagonist remarks "I don't really expect this mannequin to talk to me, but it's a nice fantasy." Already little more than a walking social faux pas, this line, though incredibly funny, makes the series difficult to take seriously.


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