10 Unintentionally Hilarious 90s Horror Video Games

9. Nitemare 3D (1994)

Gray Design

1994's FPS Doom clone Nitemare 3D likely wasn't intended to shock anyone to their very core or keep anyone awake at night. Plus, it was an offshoot of an already cartoony series of early DOS games known as Hugo's House of Horrors which poked fun at a litany of classic horror cliches. Altogether inoffensive, this Doom wannabe does deserve some criticism for its unabashed aping of mid-90's video game trends.

While Id software's Doom was a landmark title that doubtlessly scared the pants off of the younger members of its massive audience, Nitemare 3D is by no means similar in that regard. In fact, in direct comparison to the game it tried so hard to emulate, Nitemare 3D seems positively ridiculous.

At the end of the day, though, Nitemare 3D is an overall lighthearted title which never sought to take itself all that seriously. In fact, the game inclues a very tongue-in-cheek moment during which one of the game's skeleton enemies pops out of a closet. That's about as meta as a joke about horror tropes could possibly be.

It may have scared a few young kids back in the day, but, twenty-dd years on, Nitemare 3D is more hilarious than anything.


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