10 Unintentionally Hilarious Gaming Cutscenes

10. Tali Singing - Mass Effect 3

Laughter is, supposedly, the best medicine. In any case, it’s certainly the most effective antidote we have for the agonising awkwardness of Tali serenading Shepard in Mass Effect 3. Romance rarely works in gaming, and an otherwise acclaimed entry from a beloved franchise doesn’t prove the exception to the rule.

The gentle scene featuring the constantly veiled Tali and bland Shepard starts out relatively inoffensively, as the two settle down to watch a movie from Tali’s childhood. Unfortunately, it’s then that we hear a line almost guaranteed to have anyone scrambling for the remote: “we can activate singalong mode!”

The painfully absurd sight of the faceless Tali crooning passionately, while a totally blank Shepard stares back at her completely bereft of comprehension is nothing less than risible. BioWare clearly intended the scene to be moving; indeed, you might well bury your face in your hands, but probably not to wipe away tears.

If you can’t let out a giggle to break the tension, you’ll likely want to sink into the ground in embarrassment, so laugh away.

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