10 Unintentionally Hilarious Gaming Cutscenes

9. Giant WORM - Gears Of War 2

Usually, voice actors are committed to doing the best they can to convincingly sell the material as it reads on the script, with no regard for the strangeness or latent hilarity of the dialogue.

Even if they’re required to yell in utter despair about giant worms.

John DiMaggio admirably conveys the despondent woe faced by Marcus Fenix and his burly, huge-necked squadron when they discover the latest subterranean scheme hatched by the Locust. All but dropping to his knees in anguish, he delivers the news that “they’re sinking cities with a giant worm!” with such unbridled seriousness and passion as to emphasise that this is absolutely, 100% not a laughing matter.

Of course, his total commitment to the line only makes it all the more funny. Despite the undeniable graveness of the situation, and the large numbers of lives lost to the enemy, it’s nigh on impossible not to have to stifle a giggle; the man is screaming in woe about giant worms, after all.

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