10 Unique Video Game Fights That Play Like NOTHING Else

Changing the game on you - halfway through you playing it.

Death Stranding Higgs Fight
Kojima Productions

Variation is the spice to life - and in video games, this is no different. While we all love a classic spot of punching or shooting, you can't do one thing for too long without growing a little bored. This is more or less why minigames were invented - to keep our ape brains and short attention spans entertained.

But sometimes, developers go much further than merely adding minigames to mix things up a little. Sometimes a fight is added with entirely different mechanics to everything that's come before it in the game, for the sole purpose of adding a little spice to the series.

Nobody is safe from this treatment, as well, as this genre-swapping can even occur at the final boss of the game, leaving you scrambling to learn new controls that you'll literally never need to use again.

While you don't enter a game hoping for a dance battle or quiz to break things up your epic fights, you also rarely end up feeling disappointed when they do appear - often because they're so, so weird that you know you've had an experience you may never forget.

10. The Headless Battles - Sekiro

Death Stranding Higgs Fight

Although it's not a game that can be summed up easily, Sekiro is more or less Dark Souls on steroids. Gone are the days of worrying about getting your shield up, as not only does Sekiro not have them, but it actively rewards a more aggressive gameplay style, encouraging you to keep close to your enemies - like a little shinobi flea.

Which is why it's entirely surreal the first time you encounter one of the mini-bosses spread throughout the game known as the Headless. Unlike regular minibosses, Headless have an aura around them that slow time down, meaning that everything you've learned about when to block and when to attack enemies goes straight out of the window. They also cause Terror, which is a status effect that will murder you dead if the bar completely fills.

Without using items to prevent death from Terror - and to up your damage to avoid clawing your eyes out at how slow the fight goes - the Headless could be some of the most difficult battles in your entire game. Trust Sekiro to manage to make the slowest fight they have also some of the hardest.


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