10 Unknown PS2 Games That Deserve A Remake

They may not have been hits, but there's some charm in there.


The PlayStation 2 had, at its end, nearly two thousand games available for it.

Whilst many have gone on to sell millions, certify sequels and franchises, there's double as many absolute stinkers to avoid.

Yet what about those in the middle ground?

Games that reviewed well (or well enough), but didn't shift many units. Or those that may not have hit the high marks, maybe down to one little flaw, that deserve a second chance.

Would Lazarus Jones fair better now with the same attitude as Nathan Drake? Maybe Jet Li could try his hand at another action adventure, seeing as The Quiet Man didn't fill that void? How about a Resident Evil "clone" from near the start of the console's life?

Time may have forgotten these titles, but that doesn't mean we should.

Whilst technology strives to move forward with each console generation, let's take a look back. Instead of anticipating what's to come, let's have a look at a handful of titles that deserve a second chance.

And if not for a full remake, how about dusting it off and giving us a remaster?

So prepare yourself for a trip down forgotten memory lane, as we look at ten PS2 games that deserve a bit of retroactive love.


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