10 Unmissable Single Player Gaming Experiences

All the single gamers, put your hands up.


A look at the video game sales charts at any point over the last few years, would seem to suggest that online gaming has become increasingly dominant. Popular franchises such as FIFA and Call of Duty have continually outsold all other releases and even Rockstar, a developer that has been more successful than most in creating critically and financially successful single-player titles, seem more interested in supporting Grand Theft Auto's online mode than offering any further content for the lone gamer.

And now, with free to play titles like Fortnite and Apex Legends dominating many people's time, there is a real worry that the single player experience may become a niche market heading into the next generation of consoles.

Of course, there is no denying that teaming up with your mates on the sportsfield or battlefield can be great fun, but it can never offer the same sense of immersion that a truly great single player experience can. So, for those of you that prefer to game alone, here are ten unmissable single player experiences from the last two decades of console and PC gaming that you owe it to yourself to play.


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