10 Unnecessary Video Game Details You'll LOVE

9. You Can Blind Enemies With Flashlights - The Last Of Us

Red dead redemption 2
Naughty Dog

In our fantasy and science fiction worlds that we invest in, it's easy to get swept up in the suspension of disbelief and grounded reality.

So it's always nice to see when a game still pulls us back to realistic notions that we tend to take for granted. Sure, there may be a fictionalised human pandemic based on the cordyceps fungal infection, but that doesn't mean we aren't human, the game seems to say.

And true to life, humans don't favour having bright light beamed into their eyeballs. Whilst there are scripted moments where characters shield their eyes from the sun, for example, that's just part of the mocap actor's direction.

But if you take it upon yourself to deliberately shine a torch into any NPC's eyes, they'll reactively squint at the ocular intrusion. Keep the beam on them and they'll start to turn their head away, or even bringing their hand up to shield their eyes from the harsh light.

It's a great caveat that really shows off the human aspect of the supporting characters, when the rest of humanity has gone.


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