10 Unnecessary Video Games So Bad You Forgot They Existed

Nothing worse than a half-baked cash-in.

Epic Games

Firstly, sorry for reminding you about these travesties. You thought you'd cleansed them from your mind, then we pull this kind of thing on you.

But it goes to show that there's nothing worse than a farted out sequel, or a spin-off no one asked for, creeping up on you like a bad smell.

Did a fabled horror series need not one, but two squad-based shooters? Did we really care enough about Mortal Kombat's Jax or Tekken's Nina Williams to see them get their own games? And honestly, who EVER gave a hoot about Baird from Gears of War?

Sadly, some publishers will go to any length to cash in on a franchise at times. Whether it be unnecessary or lacklustre sequel, or even a completely different spin on the series entirely, the quest for capitalising on something can easily miss the mark.

Less Nosgoth, more Legacy of Kain Defiance 2, please.

So without further torment, here are some dastardly examples of awful games we all wish we could forget.


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