10 Upcoming 2023 Video Games We're REALLY Worried About

Rocksteady, what happened to you??

Suicide squad kill the justice league

When writing this article, we couldn't get the words of Molly Hatchet out of our heads - "I'm travelling down the road and I'm flirtin' with disaster".

After all, the road leading from a game's inception to its arrival on shop shelves (or digital storefronts) is seldom a smooth one and the games on this list are, if not flirting with disaster, then at least exchanging meaningful glances with it.

Each game in this article justified their entry for a variety of reasons. Some are here because they've hit so many pitfalls it'll be a miracle if they come out at all; some are here because they simply can't afford to fail; and some are here because they just look plain awful.

It's the latter category that proved to be the most painful to write about. After all, we'd much rather be in the frame of mind where we can celebrate upcoming games, but some of these titles are impossible to view as anything other than impending car crashes.

10. The Day Before

Suicide squad kill the justice league

We'll give this to The Day Before - we've never seen a game go from heralded to ridiculed quite so fast.

The Day Before was, at one point, the most wishlisted game on Steam - no small feat considering it was yet another entry in the already over-stuffed zombie-survival genre. Unfortunately, a series of calamitous screw-ups has completely derailed TDB's once juggernaut-like momentum.

The lesser bungle was the disappointing gameplay trailer, which showcased 10 minutes of roadside exploration and little else. And by "little else", we mean "anything that suggested the footage was actually taken from the game". Still, what else can you expect from a game at least partly made by unpaid volunteers? (That little tidbit leaking out was screw-up number two).

The biggest red flag, however, was when publisher Mytona pulled the game from Steam.

After initially blaming Steam itself for the game's removal, Mytona sheepishly revealed the real reason behind the game's disappearance: They were embroiled in trademark dispute with a Korean calendar app that shared the game's name.

You couldn't make it up.


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