10 Upcoming PS5 & Xbox Games That Will BLOW YOU AWAY

2022 is already shaping up to be an incredible year!

Matrix awakens
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Are you ready for 2022 and beyond?

With the COVID pandemic still ongoing and lord knows what else potentially coming our way - could 2022 be the year of the alien overlords enslaving us all? - gaming is the one constant we can always rely on to get us through the toughest of times.

And boy oh boy, this year is already looking stacked to the gills with quality gaming experiences. With a move more onto next-gen platforms such as the PS5 and the Series X/S, we should see titles which start to really push the envelope on what games can be this year. We can almost hear our wallets crying already.

We already know a large amount of big blockbuster titles which are due out this year, but which of the incredible bunch truly have the potential to blow us all away when we finally get our grubby little paws on them?

Whether these titles are taking us into the stars, into forbidden wastelands or into simulations themselves, there's so much variety and exciting stuff in all of these games.

10. Horizon: Forbidden West

Matrix awakens
Guerrilla Games

If you went back and played Horizon: Zero Dawn on a PS4 right now, it would still look incredible.

That's down to the amazing team at Guerrilla Games, who delivered one of the most vibrant takes on post-apocalyptic fiction we'd ever seen.

On top of that, Zero Dawn had a really great storyline that had plenty of intrigue and twists and turns, it had a likeable protagonist in the fiery Aloy, and you get to fight giant robot animals. It was, in short, a fantastic debut for a new IP.

We can only imagine that Horizon: Forbidden West, set to release this February, will be more of the same. All of the trailers so far look stunning; with the added power of the PS5, we can only imagine how good this game is actually going to look. It's still coming out on PS4 too, and we imagine the visuals will be still even better than Zero Dawn's on there too.

Forbidden West is also set to have several quality of life improvements over the original, with better melee combat, better climbing and even a Breath of the Wild-like hang glider Aloy can use to take to the skies.

Can it be 18th Feb already please?


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