10 Upcoming Video Game Graphics That Will BLOW YOU AWAY

Let's see what these new machines can do.

Crimson desert
Pearl Abyss

Back in the 1970s, society were blown away by the graphics of Pong. Jaws dropped and minds instantaneously exploded when gamers bared witness to the astounding aesthetic of Pac-Man.

Of course, such images don't have the same reaction anymore. As technology has advanced in the world of video games, so do the visuals. No longer are platformers and shoot-em-ups limited to pixelated sprites. Now that we can explore photorealistic worlds, it genuinely feels like there is no way video game graphics can improve.

However, there are some projects on the horizon with such beautiful artwork, they'll make the games of today look like Space Invaders by comparison. Heck, a couple of these upcoming titles look better than real life!

Now, Borderlands, Breath of the Wild, and Final Fantasy prove games can be gorgeous without looking realistic. Even though some games on this list aren't going for an authentic feel, you can't help marvelling at their luscious composition.

If you are still in wonder by the visuals of Elden Ring, Forbidden West Horizon, and Ghosts of Tsushima, wait until you see what's in the pipeline.

10. Crimson Desert

Crimson desert
Pearl Abyss

Starting off as a prequel to Black Desert Online, Crimson Desert slowly evolved into its own thing, turning into a single player title that takes place in the same universe.

When Pearl Abyss revealed this accidental spin-off at The Game Awards at 2020, everyone got serious Killzone 2 vibes. As incredible as the teaser looked, people weren't convinced the in-game visuals would be up to scratch.

So, when Pearl Abyss released an extended gameplay trailer the following year, it seemed like the cynics were right, since the footage didn't look as good as the original promo.

Instead, it looked better.

Running on a unique engine called the Blackspace, every terrain is a feast for the eyes. As you admire the dune-covered deserts, thick forests, and snowy mountains, you can tell Pearl Abyss pushed the technology as far as they could. Although objects in the distance should be blurry, every detail on-screen is equally sharp, no matter how far you look.

Any time we reach a point where we think graphics have peaked, games like Crimson Desert prove there are still improvements to be made.


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