10 Upcoming Video Game Sequels Nobody Asked For

Nobody needs this.

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Entertainment in all its forms is propped up by sequels: after all, if something works once, why not rehash it again and again until your audience is totally sick of it?

This is certainly true of video games, where publishers would much rather take a seemingly "risk-free" bet on a known quantity rather than invest money in a new IP. The result is sequels, sequels everywhere.

While this can of course result in something glorious like Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, it typically leads to less inspired results than that: sequels you quite possibly didn't want being churned out for a quick buck.

These sequels in particular surely aren't on the wishlist of many, an indication of just how lazy and unimaginative the games industry can be. In a time where exciting new AAA IPs feel more scarce than ever, the last thing we need is more safe-playing follow-ups.

Here are 10 upcoming video game sequels nobody asked for...

10. Star Wars Battlefront 2

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Though little is known about Battlefront 2 beyond it being in development for release next year, its mere existence demonstrates just how eagerly EA want to milk the Star Wars license while short-changing players as much as possible.

After last year's Battlefront reboot released to substantial fan backlash that the game didn't feature enough content and players were being gouged for DLC, it seems rather crass to already be positioning another cash-grab for next year.

Sure, it's slightly less craven than going fully annualised, but given that many feel like they didn't get proper value out of the first game, it's understandable why they're turning their noses up at the follow-up already.

Could It Be Any Good?: In theory, yes, but Battlefront's enormous success and the tens of millions they've no doubt made from DLC alone makes it unlikely that it'll end up with much more content.

Sure, the graphics will be gorgeous and the gunplay fiendishly addictive, but just like you did with the first one, you'll probably get fed up of playing the same small selection of maps after a week or two.

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