10 Upcoming Video Games Doomed To Disappoint

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Few will argue against the fact that we are heading towards possibly the most exciting time that there has ever been to be a gamer. Not only do we have a wealth of ambitious current-gen games on the horizon, but for once, Microsoft and Sony will be directly competing for our money in the same time window, as both the Xbox One and the PS4 are expected to release in November of this year (rather than one console beating the other to the punch by anywhere from 6 months to a year).

This is going to result in one of the busiest and most intense periods of gaming in the medium's history, and naturally, there's plenty to be giddy about. However, as with anything, disappointments are inevitable, and whether suffering from over-hype or simply failing to hit their ambitious targets, many games will be certain to not quite live up to their potential.

Often this is the fault of gamers and the gaming press working themselves into a frenzy from which they cannot possibly come down, and sometimes developers will simply not show due diligence when polishing things off. Whatever the cause, here are 10 upcoming video games that are sadly doomed to disappoint...

10. Grand Theft Auto V (Sept 17)


The massive five-and-a-half-year gap between the last full-fledged GTA game and this one has naturally caused expectations to become flung wildly out of control, such that nobody is really able to temper their excitement going in. Though Rockstar's confident advertising makes it clear that GTA V is going to be a blast, the real question is - how great will it really be?

This franchise could pull in millions of units even by delivering a pretty sub-par end product - look at how little freedom there was in GTA IV compared to San Andreas - and though GTA V does seem to restore much of what people loved about San Andreas, sky-high expectations will make the game a disappointment to most if it is anything less than flawless.

Such is that nature of never-pleased gamers - something of which I am equally guilty - that we'll always find something to pick away at, even if the game's storytelling is masterful and it looks fantastic. Rockstar have spoiled us with their consistently excellent work, such that, like with the efforts of Pixar, if it's just one inch off the mark, we won't let it fly.

Will GTA V be a great game? I have no doubt, but that won't be good enough - it needs to be amazing, and how often do titles of that standard come around? Even if it does fit the criteria, many series fans will doubtless still have a laundry list of complaints to make.


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