10 Upcoming Video Games That Are Tricking You (But Not How You Think)

Aerith still dies... but with a twist.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Aerith
Square Enix

The behind-closed-doors nature of video game development certainly makes it far easier for developers to toy with player expectations.

But in an era where leaks are common and fans will scrub through gameplay footage frame-by-frame searching for clues, developers have to be extra careful about keeping the cat in the bag.

And so, marketing teams will often resort to a dual-layered deception in order to stop players from figuring out the truth before the game is in their hands.

Though many think they've already figured out these 10 hugely anticipated upcoming games, they're more likely just falling into the intended trap, being misdirected away from the actual truth.

From surprise cameo appearances to character deaths, plot twists, gameplay mechanics, and everything in-between, these games are all trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

Of course nothing's certain until we're playing the games for ourselves, but as always, you absolutely shouldn't take what you "know" so far - whether it's from trailers, gameplay footage, or supposed "leaks" - at mere face value...

10. Captain Marvel Will Make A Surprise Appearance (Not Spider-Man) - Marvel's Avengers

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Aerith
Square Enix

Despite being due for release just a few short months from now, Square Enix's long-gestating Avengers game has still left fans debating the exact number of superheroes they'll ultimately be able to play as.

The presence of the Taskmaster as a supporting villain in the game's trailers immediately prompted fans to speculate that they may eventually take control of Spider-Man from Insomniac's 2018 game, in turn confirming that the two games exist within the same continuity.

Though developers Crystal Dynamics have stated that the two games are set in separate worlds, that hasn't stopped fans believing that they're actually being duped, and Insomniac's Spidey will indeed make an appearance later in Marvel's Avengers.

But it's far more likely that the game has another mainline Avenger waiting in the wings altogether, and that hero is probably none other than Carol Danvers herself, Captain Marvel.

The game's recently leaked achievement list confirms that the humanoid alien race known as the Kree will make an appearance later in the game.

Given that the Kree are inexplicably linked to Captain Marvel, what could make more sense than Carol making a late-game appearance to help out The Avengers?

If nothing else, it'd be an awesome set-up for a fully expanded roster in the inevitable sequel.


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