10 Upcoming Video Games That Will DEFINITELY Be Cross-Gen

These games are the last good ones of this generation and the first good ones of next.

Square Enix

The sun is setting on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but that just means it's about to rise on the next generation. With that, a lot of upcoming games will launch on Sony and Microsoft’s new consoles, but many will likely come to their current hardware too.

Early adopters of the newest consoles will get the crisper graphics, faster load times and perhaps even some new features exclusive to next gen. It’s a tightrope for the game developers; they want to encourage people to play on new systems for a more complete experience, but they also don’t want to lose sales from those not yet willing to shell out for new hardware.

As a result, many launch titles or games which arrive shortly after launch end up across both systems.

These become de facto mascots for the new consoles, with PS4/PS5 comparison shots used to showcase the superior graphics of Sony’s newest offering.

We’re still waiting on a firm date for the next generation, as well as a firm name for Xbox, with both Anaconda and Scarlet popping up. The consoles appear to be about as far off as these games though, so it’s a safe bet that they’ll be cross-gen.


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