10 Upcoming Video Games That Will DEFINITELY Be Cross-Gen

10. The Last Of Us Part II

Naughty Dog

Despite a rocky start prior to Crash Bandicoot, everything Naughty Dog has touched since then had turned to gold. The Last Of Us is no exception, and the long awaited sequel should definitely keep this trend going.

The Last Of Us falls into a similar category as the likes of Red Dead Redemption 2, Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age: Inquisition. The four of them are all great games with narrative at their centre, and it’s a story so strong that we overlook some of the other drawbacks.

The controls were occasionally janky - a bigger drawback than it would usually be in a game which prioritised stealth. Certain sections could get a little stale and repetitive, but most only notice on a second playthrough. First time around, we’re too wrapped up by the compelling storytelling unfolding around us.

Naughty Dog will be aware of these criticisms and drawbacks though, and will undoubtedly have had a crack at fixing them. Wonky mechanics and repetition were held up against the first Uncharted too, with the sequels ironing out the kinks.

The Last Of Us Part II could be the PS5’s first major exclusive, with Sony certain to release the game across current and new gen consoles.


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