10 Upcoming Video Games We Still Know Nothing About

Kojima, please just tell us what Death Stranding is supposed to be.

Kojima Productions

It's fairly common for games to be announced with just a name or a CGI reveal trailer that's not representative of actual gameplay. Do you want to know the genre? Summary? Even just a hint of what it'll look like?

Too bad. See you at the next E3.

A game is usually announced in this way because at the time of the announcement, the game would only be in the pre-alpha stage of development. Any gameplay shown would be of an unpolished title that's years away from completion.

Still, that shouldn't stop developers from sharing something about their products. It's frustrating to go years without getting more than a few sentences about what they're working on, once the word's out.

Thanks to this trend, there are quite a few upcoming games that we know almost nothing about. Some of them just haven't been talked about in a while, even though they may be releasing soon.

Let's go over those titles, and be completely clueless together.


10. Animal Crossing (2019)


You know the game's a mystery when it doesn't have an official title yet. Animal Crossing is Nintendo's extremely cute social simulation game. You play as a villager who's new to a super friendly and strange town. All of the inhabitants but you are animals. It's in real time so there's only so much you can do in a day.

Animal Crossing (2019) was announced when one of the series' characters, Isabelle, was announced as a playable character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. As such, it's a game that was mostly announced because it coincided with something else. That could explain why Nintendo seems to have nothing to say about it.

Fans had been begging Nintendo to make a real Animal Crossing game for the Nintendo Switch for as long as the console's been around. There was a demand, and Nintendo wanted to supply it. Therefore, Animal Crossing (2019) was announced long before they actually had anything to show off.

All we really know about the game is that it's coming out sometime this year (in case the game's title didn't make that obvious). Expect more information about the game at E3 2019. With all the demand for it, Nintendo's practically guaranteed to say something at that time.


Kesten Harris is a published author and freelance writer. He loves the Nintendo Switch more than any human should and owns almost exclusively Batman shirts.