10 Upcoming Video Games We Still Know Nothing About

9. Halo Infinite


Halo is a game series about a soldier named Master Chief who goes around shooting aliens. Halo 5: Guardians was a game that made you (mostly) play as a soldier named Agent Locke who went around shooting aliens so that he could track down Master Chief.

While that game may play just fine, its story was negatively received. No one wanted to be some new dude who had nothing to offer. They just wanted to be their beloved Chief.

That's where Halo Infinite comes in. The very first trailer for the game offered a brief look at Master Chief in slightly different armor. Fans were excited. The Chief was back, and there was no sign of Agent Locke.

Unfortunately, that was the only trailer for the game. No new footage has been shown since then. We know that the game is running on a new engine (Slipstream), it'll continue from Halo 5's story, it'll be a "spiritual reboot," and it'll feature microtransactions in some shape or form.

The game's devs, 343 Industries, are now working on the PC port of Halo: Master Chief Collection. That means that when we see them next, they'll either update us on the port, Halo Infinite, or neither at all. Consider this another "Hopefully see you at E3" game.


Kesten Harris is a published author and freelance writer. He loves the Nintendo Switch more than any human should and owns almost exclusively Batman shirts.