10 Upcoming Video Games You Need To Know About

In a packed second half, don't skimp on the hidden gems.


In 2018, over nine thousand video games were released on Steam. After adding console exclusives and mobile games to the list, the amount becomes almost outrageous. Even playing day and night, no one could possibly check out each and every one.

Sadly, that makes it easy to miss some true hidden gems which have been buried under the sea of garbage. Oftentimes due to low budget, some of them hardly get promoted, which assures that if you stumble upon any of these games, it's due to pure luck or a helpful guide such as this one.

The selected hidden gems come in all forms and shapes. Some of them are indie games, other could be considered AAA. Among them are adventure games, shooters and simulations. Everyone should be able to find something to suit their needs.

You may have already heard in passing about some of those 10 games, but paid no attention to them. Or perhaps none of them ring any bells.

Either way, they all share one thing in common: the potential to be great or even excellent, but remain under-appreciated for now. For that reason it's a great idea to keep an eye on them, and not miss a potentially amazing experience.


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