10 Upcoming Video Games You’re Not Supposed To Know About

The gaming industry's worst kept secrets.

Warner Bros.

There's a lot of secrecy in the gaming industry.

At any given moment, there are hundreds of projects in development that we don't know about, alongside all of the titles that are actively being advertised.

This has always been the case, but recent years have thrown the idea of secrecy out of the window. With the industry getting bigger and bigger, there are more and more people getting access to information they shouldn't.

These insiders are getting more prevalent and verifiable as well, which means that games are getting teased, leaked or outright revealed left right and centre way before they're ready for the limelight.

Even without insiders, there are times when publishers and developers end up revealing more than they probably wanted to, which leads to a whole new set of secrets getting out there.

Hype and speculation are all part of the fun of being a gamer, but some of these rumours are downright undeniable.

Mark our words, you'll be playing these games sooner rather than later.


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