10 Useless Video Game Abilities You WASTED Skill Points On

What a waste of XP.

mass effect

Though skill trees were largely reserved for role-playing games once upon a time, these days the mechanic has been adopted by a wide variety of genres, such as first-person shooters and third-person action games in particular.

A great skill tree can only further heighten a player's involvement in a game, by ensuring they truly feel the protagonist getting stronger over the course of their adventure.

But designing a skill tree that's not only effective but also unique and not entirely generic is a difficult task, hence why so many games instead offer up painfully forgettable progression systems.

And then there are those games not merely content to follow formula, which straight-up troll players with some of the utterly useless skills, abilities, and power-ups they offer in exchange for some of those precious skill points.

These 10 games all offered up one absurdly pointless skill that you'd feel instant buyer's remorse for spending points on, wishing that you'd picked literally anything else instead...

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