10 Utterly Bizarre Video Game Easter Eggs You Probably Missed

The cult of the Easter Egg shows no signs of abating. As long as there are gamers to pick up controllers and explore the bold new worlds within new games, there will be someone somewhere willing to add a joke they might never actually discover.

Developers will pride themselves in crow-barring knowing references, or spending too much time on tiny details that most gamers won't find on their own, and to their eternal credit, for the most part it's a worthwhile effort because of how well they tend to go down with gamers. Like Pixar sign-posting their upcoming films, some developers take the opportunity to be self-referential, or pay homage to other games or developers, which often results in the most boring Easter eggs.

Others are flat out pornographic, relying on cheap (but wholly effective) titivation to sell the effort needed to discover their secrets, while the third lot of egg layers are a depraved, borderline insane group who like to shoe-horn in the strangest Easter eggs possible, with no regard for the lasting impact on impressionable gamer minds.

Behold, ten of the bravest, boldest and most bizarre video game Easter eggs you might well have missed from gaming history...

10. Luigi's Mansion: Luigi RIP

Luigi's Mansion

Luigi's Mansion is a bona-fide classic. Despite multiple flaws and shortfalls, it is adored by classic gamers and heralded still as one of Nintendo's finest original properties. It's also a pretty scary thing, especially for younger players hoping for the whimsy of Super Mario, and despite the humorous notes there are certainly some darker sequences, including one infamous Easter egg that many contest is merely an unfortunate glitch.

During the loft sequence, when Luigi has to interact with 3 phones as the power cuts out and lightning lights up the environment in sinister fashion, gamers can see the discernible shadow of what appears to be Luigi hanging from the rafters. Chilling, to say the least.

Nintendo have never confirmed or debunked the theory, but you'd imagine a company their size would balk at accusations if they weren't true, especially considering how much of a dark tone the brief Easter egg adds to the game.

And for all the cynics and naysayers, there's a reasonable explanation involving dynamic shadows and glitches below, but it feels far more appropriate that Nintendo decided to mess with their fans' heads and consciously include a creepy shot of Luigi's potential fate...


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