10 Utterly Creepy Moments From Japanese Gaming

Dead Rising Certain games have the sole purpose of scaring the Hell out of you. Some others create enemies, stages or situations that are just plain wrong; it could be the message hidden in the plot, or just the behaviour of the characters, where you just freeze and start saying "WTF" while your spine tingles. Let's review the creepiest moments in Japanese video games. Why just Japanese? Well, Japan has a very unique culture and a special way of showing it, and while for them it could be standard, for the rest of the globe it seems pretty damn weird, especially in gaming. So, let's begin. But first, some rules. We define "creepy" as "something that produces an uneasy fearful sensation" (thanks, Wiktionary), so, a "creepy moment" does not necessarily need to make you jump from your seat or s**t bricks". The sensation could be from the story, the moment, the significance, or the mythos surrounding the moment...

10. Matt Helms - No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle

No More Heroes No More Heroes is about the battles, and the stages just served as simple ways of training the player until you meet a boss. There are some changes here and there, but on the whole nothing very memorable. However, the moment you enter the Akashic Point at the end of the final battle, things go very, very wrong. You are left in the middle of a forest, and as you travel across it, the night starts to fall, and the ambiance starts to change. The enemies also start behaving more maniacally, and you just can't shake the feeling that something is very eerie. Just then, you approach the house, and suddenly find yourself trapped in a...B-movie. The boss battle itself is not that memorable (it's one of the lamest in the game), but think about it: you just killed this guy, but he's not dead, he is the child, and you can't kill the child. He will hunt in the forest...forever (yeah, they burned down the house, but that can't really stop him). So, every ranked assassin will have to fight with Matt Helms....not cool.

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