10 Utterly Terrifying Underwater Video Game Creatures

Prepare to dive deep for these terrifying underwater video game creatures.

Subnautica leviathan
Unknown Worlds

There are many reasons to be afraid of the water. There are even more reasons to be afraid of the water in video games.

Developers seem to enjoy designing the craziest or most downright terrifying creatures to inhabit bodies of water in their games. These creatures are given even more horror with the usual limited controls players have when their characters are forced to dive in to meet these beasties head on.

These may range from one time encounters to constant threats throughout the entire gameplay, but sometimes the most terrifying designs and concepts stem from the natural fear of deep water. Though sometimes the things hiding in the murky depths may not be dangerous, it doesn't change the fact that these aquatic nightmares have left their mark on gamers and caused many to think twice about stepping into any body of water.

Whether it's our own planet's watery habitats to those of alien worlds, there are no limits to what terrors are waiting for players when they load up some of these, seemingly, innocent games.

Time to hold your breath and take a look at some truly terrifying aquatic monstrosities... from the safety of your home, of course.

10. Great Colored Carp - Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Subnautica leviathan

Koi fish (also known as colored carp) are considered graceful, beautiful, and represent good luck and fortune. The Great Colored Carp, a giant koi fish from Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, is a huge monstrosity with a human-like face and rows of human teeth.

Found in the late game location Fountainhead Palace, the Great Colored Carp is introduced when Sekiro tries to cross a bridge. The enormous fish leaps out of the water, destroying the bridge and swimming down into the deep.

Eventually Sekiro dives into the water, searching for a hidden entrance into the palace. Following the Great Colored Carp, the fish becomes aggressive and if it spots the player, it will attack. There are hiding places, but if the carp sees you it can destroy the building your hiding in.

Later on, Sekiro is given the option to feed the Great Colored Carp and get an up close and personal look at the monstrosity. There's also the option to poison the supposedly immortal fish and many players found great joy feeding the poisoned meal to the monstrous beast.

But the true horror of this over-fed fish is the implication it used to be human. After killing the Great Colored Carp, players can find a former Pot Noble who has transformed into a carp. Is this the beginning of a new Great Colored Carp's reign?

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