10 Utterly Terrifying Underwater Video Game Creatures

9. The Kraken - Sea Of Thieves

Subnautica leviathan

To those who've ever dreamed of being a pirate, Sea of Thieves provided the much needed opportunity to sail the seas and attack other pirates, stealing their booty and pride in one fell swoop. Half the fun is going on treasure hunts or simply sailing around looking for trouble.

With the ability to play with friends to create your own crew of (hopefully) fearsome pirates, Sea of Thieves has taken the sandbox style of gameplay and built a loyal fanbase eager to solve riddles and search for buried treasure.

But what would a pirate game be without some nasty sea creatures to attack your ship? The Kraken is a tentacled beast of legend eager to drag your ship and crew down into the briny depths.

Imagine sailing the open seas when suddenly the water darkens around your ship. Tentacles rise from the water and one wraps around your ship. Your crew tries to fight it off, but one is suddenly pulled from the ship into another tentacle. These aren't your typical tentacles either. Each has a mouth at the end eager to take a delicious bite of your crew.

A first-time encounter with the beast is terrifying and depending on the size of your ship and crew can be a real challenge to take down. Only the true legendary pirates of the sea should even attempt to take on this creature.

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