10 Utterly Terrifying Video Games You Really Can't Handle

There's no way you stay looking at the screen.

Evil within 2
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Ever since the early outings of 1989's Sweet Home and 1992's Alone In The Dark, the world of horror games has flourished. From the dawn of genre heavyweights Silent Hill and Resident Evil to contemporary powerhouses Alien: Isolation and Outlast, horror games are continuously finding new ways to innovate, ensuring players get plenty of sleepless nights.

Although there have been just as many disappointing titles over the years, with Agony, BlackSoul, and The Letter arguably being some of the worst examples of the genre, upcoming games including Ghostwire: Tokyo and Once Upon A Time in Roswell creeping over the horizon are proof that there's still fresh ideas shining through a somewhat saturated market.

As we've got our hands on many terrifying titles over the years, new technological innovations have enabled developers to make their games even more effective. From creating atmospheric and photorealistic environments, coding more complex AI, or the pants-wetting capabilities that have come alongside the introduction of virtual reality, horror games are more capable of messing with our heads than ever before.

Turn out the lights, put on a good pair of headphones, and take a look at some horror games that proved to be too much to handle.

10. Project Zero II: Crimson Butterfly

Evil within 2

From the likes of Silent Hill and Resident Evil leading the charge in survival horror, J-horror games are home to dozens of frightening favourites that span from genre-defining classics such as Sweet Home and Clock Tower to underrated cult gems Calling and Siren: Blood Curse. However, one game that's frequently mentioned when it comes to the best of the bunch is Project Zero II: Crimson Butterfly, better known as Fatal Frame in the US.

Originally releasing on the PlayStation 2 in 2003, the second iteration in this cult classic series, not having any direct connection to the first game, follows twin sisters Mayu and Mio (who you'll spend your time playing as) stumble across an abandoned village in the woods whilst visiting a cherished childhood location. The village isn't abandoned, of course, as it soon becomes apparent that it's full of vengeful spirits who plan on using the twins for an ancient ritual.

Dripping in atmosphere, the game's main mechanic involves using a special camera to reveal and defeat the spirits you'll encounter. The longer you dare to look at them, the more effective the attack.

Still as chilling as ever, there's a reason why this game is treasured by horror lovers.


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