10 Utterly Terrifying Video Games You Really Can't Handle

9. Observer

Evil within 2
Bloober Team

Set in a grimy cyberpunk world inspired by Blade Runner, Bloober Team's (the team behind Layers Of Fear) Observer is a masterful example of modern sci-fi horror that raises just as much ethical questions as it does hairs on our neck.

Taking place in a rundown apartment building in a Krakow slum, the game sees players as Daniel Larzarski, a cybernetically augmented detective known as an Observer who's able to hack into people's minds to find clues. Investigating a series of murders and strange events within the aforementioned building, Observer is equal parts an intriguing detective noir and an effective psychological horror.

While there are plenty of strange sounds heard going on behind residents' closed doors, the full force of the game's twisted creativity comes during its various hacking sequences. Using surrealist visual storytelling, these sections transport players into fragmented and nightmarish worlds where the truth of what's discovered is often just as unsettling as how they're presented.

The central story contains more than enough scares to satisfy horror fans, but taking the time to explore each apartment awards players with arguably some of the most diabolically sinister encounters this game has to offer - including a nod to terrifying P.T demo.


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