10 Video Game 100% Completions That Were Profoundly Insulting

For the glory, the satisfaction? These games give you neither.

gta 4 pigeons

In most cases nowadays, there is plenty of game left for you to play, post-credits.

You can still tie up any of the many remaining loose ends that the game has to offer, including retrieving all of the collectibles or completing all of the side quests. Once you've achieved the coveted 100% (or more) completion percentage, you usually receive some type of grand reward, like a secret ending or a super power-up.

Sometimes, however, your 100% completion "reward" is a veritable slap in the face.

As gratifying as completing a game can be, there are few things more insulting than spending hours of your time performing optional tasks, only to receive something largely-unsatisfying for your efforts. In fact, a lacklustre ending can often discourage players from picking a game up in the first place because, after all, what's the point in playing the game if the reward for completing it sucks so hard?

With this in mind, if you intend on trying out any of the 10 (mostly) wonderful video games in this list, we recommend that you simply complete the main story and stop there...unless you enjoy wasting your time.

10. Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time

gta 4 pigeons

This entry is at the bottom of this list because the reward for 100% completion is actually not bad at all. Reaching the classically-coveted 100% completion rate in this game gives you a fun "Where Are They Now? cutscene featuring a surprisingly-smooth talking Crash as the narrator.

Sadly, however, this game is not truly complete unless you reach 106%, and the "reward" for that makes completing this gauntlet of a game far less worthwhile.

Don't get me wrong - Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time is an excellent game. The problem with Crash 4, however, is that the base game probably takes around 4 hours to finish, while completing the game 106% can take upwards of 100 hours. So surely, after enduring all of this repetitive grinding towards full completion, you're granted some incredible reward, right?

Well, no - you get a short cutscene of Dr. Cortex lying on the beach, then Uka-Uka revealing that he's not actually dead, thus teasing a sequel.

Now, I've got nothing against cliffhangers, but come on - this one was painfully obvious.

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