10 Video Game Accessories EVERYONE Owned (Until They Didn't)

9. DK Bongos

james bond nightfire ps2 multitap

Rather than bashing Kremlings or swinging on vines, Donkey Konga centres around our titular ape jamming on his bongos.

Although Nintendo has a plethora of bizarre spin-offs, this Gamecube exclusive sounded truly baffling. But due to the simple mechanics and catchy music, Donkey Konga was extremely addictive. Even people who don't consider themselves gamers couldn't help getting sucked in by this cool Kong's sick beats.

Of course, the bread and butter of the game is the specialised controller, the DK Bongos. Despite looking unimpressive, this drum peripheral is astoundingly precise. Not only can this accessory detect being tapped, it has an analogue sound-sensor, allowing it to pick up on clapping, which you'll need to do for certain songs.

Because some gamers can be scared off by eccentric peripherals, the Donkey Konga trilogy can be played with an ordinary controller. But the Bongos are so accessible, you'll struggle to find anyone who doesn't prefer them.

Because the Wii and Switch focus so much on enhancing the gaming experience with a diverse range of peripherals, it's a pity that a modern variation of the DK Bongos has yet to materialise.


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