10 Video Game Achievements You Don't Want On Your Profile

Talk about a permanent record.

wasteland 3
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There is nothing more rewarding than beating a difficult challenge in a game and getting an achievement for it. The thrill of seeing that little popup appear on your screen is so great, in fact, that some people even decide to become achievement hunters and dedicate all of their free time to getting every single one.

But in truth, not every achievement is a badge of honor. Some of them are deliberately created by the developers to shame the player for doing something terrible. From immoral choices to inappropriate use of the camera, the game takes notice of your questionable actions and then immortalizes them for all of your friends to see.

As satisfying as it is to fill up your game library with 100% completions, you may want to avoid some perfect scores just to spare yourself the ridicule of your online buddies.

If you don't want to be labeled a creep, a monster, or simply a terrible person, stay clear of the following.

10. Our Little Secret - Prince Of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

wasteland 3

It is the ancient and unspoken law of nature that outdoing someone in a game immediately grants you ultimate bragging rights. The pharoahs of Egypt probably did it after beating someone at Ur, and so do we when we beat a game on its highest difficulty setting.

But what if you cheated along the way?

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, like many other titles out there, allows the player to adjust the difficulty setting mid-game. However, unlike most other titles, it won't let you do it without insulting your ego first. If you think you can get away with lowering the difficulty before a particularly hard fight and then switching back, The Forgotten Sands will put you in your place by giving you an achievement for it.

It's called "Our Little Secret," but in this case, "our" might as well mean everybody checking out your profile. The achievement is a dead giveaway to your friends that you had to manipulate an encounter, for one reason or another.

Maybe it would've been better to stick to lower difficulties from the get-go.


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