10 Video Game Achievements You Seriously Needed To Plan Out

Strap yourself in and gather some supplies, because you're going to need them.


For the most part, a lot of gamers are content with just finishing a game. Seeing that sweet, sweet story conclusion, with maybe a sidequest or two chucked in, is usually enough for the casual gamer. Job done, on to the next adventure.

Yet for the hardcore, the 100%er's, there's getting every last drop from the fruit they've invested in. Be that smashing all the best times on tracks designed to test your limits, or the flow-breaking grind to hit milestones in an otherwise fast-paced shooter. I'd even wager none of you have considered standing still for an hour in a game, or deliberately not taking a survivor to refuge.

But they're there, should you want to reach out and try these feats. You can't rush in blind though, you've got to do your homework. Oh, and maybe have some fuel on standby, because some of these are going to take a while.

Don't blame me if you decide to get it in your head to attempt these though.

Disclaimer: This doesn't literally mean just Xbox/PC achievements. It's more a collection of feats that require a lot of effort, and are therefore big achievements in general. That being said, some will be tied to achievements/trophies, as you'll see.

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