10 Video Game Achievements You Seriously Needed To Plan Out

10. Metal Gear Solid 4: The Guns Of The Patriots - Emblems?! Embleeeeems!


Metal Gear Solid 4 is a notorious game for trophy hunters already, especially when you consider that any you would have earned pre-trophy patch don't count. Meaning in essence, you have to restart everything in the game.

Putting aside that you have to finish the game on each difficulty separately, the real task for the hardcore devotees is the emblem and title collection. Now, some are fairly straightforward for an MGS game: finish on a certain difficulty with set parameters, such as not killing many people or being alerted. Fair enough.

But how many of us consider leaning on walls for an hour total? How about a combined two and half hours crouched? Who even knew you could give rebel soldiers item in their first playthrough?!

As far as requirements go, those are some of the tamer ones. There's no real reason to unlock these, other than that 100% completion of MGS4. Granted, we sometimes grind a little for the odd trophy or two, but there's a limit.

I mean, who's going to flick through through one hundred pages of the girly magazines in first person mode?*


*Put your hand down at the back.

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