10 Video Game Annoyances That Must Die Next Generation

8. Releasing Broken Games


Games like Fallout 76 cannot be the future.

Bethesda's now infamous multiplayer title was an absolute car wreck when it dropped last November, and now, six months later, the game is not much better. From numerous crashes and technical bugs to a dev room filled with every item in the game accessible through glitching the map, 76 was clearly an unfinished product that was shipped regardless of its quality.

Yet, it's not the only game to hit shelves in this state.

Mass Effect: Andromeda was a bug-ridden mess, Arkham Knight's PC port was outright unplayable and the ambitious MMO Atlas completely dropped off the map after a catastrophic unveiling. More and more games release without the rough edges sanded off, and it's a habit the next generation needs to kill.

Whether that's through delaying unfinished products more frequently, being more open with the gaming community or announcing release dates closer to an achievable ETA, this generation's biggest technical flops should inspire the approaches of games to come.

CD Projekt Red's brilliant mantra that Cyberpunk will release 'when it's ready' should be the standard, rather than the exception.

Of course, fans will have to wait longer for their most anticipated titles, but the pay off will be finished products that define next-generation power.

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