10 Video Game Bosses Beaten By Their Own Arenas

10. Instructor Razuvious (World Of Warcraft)


Whilst trawling the Military Quarter of the necrotic Nerubian ziggurat Naxxramas, raid parties' progress will first be halted by Instructor Razuvious. The teacher is majorly miffed at having his tutelage of a whole new generation of Death Knights interrupted by interlopers, so disciplines players with a very hard brand of corporal punishment.

In fact, it's so hard that only those in massively overlevelled gear can tank the p*ssed off professor. Just as well then, that the lecturer is cheered on by a whole class of his students, each of them self-buffed with the damage-withstanding Bone Barrier - and each of them susceptible to mind-control.

The trick is to have priests possess the protected pupils, letting them draw the bulk of Razuvious' punishment as the rest of the party concentrates on battering him. In the 10-man version of the raid, the dozy Death Knight makes things even harder for himself by leaving a load of mind control crystals around his classroom, just in case the group doesn't have the required classes. Grade F- for arena idiocy.

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