10 Video Game Bosses Beaten With Literally Zero Effort

Cancel the Rocky training montage.

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The concept of a boss easier than the rest of the game is almost incomprehensible, on some levels. Since the concept of a boss is supposed to be that it's an enemy that is on some level more difficult than regular foes, it seems to go totally against the purpose they were created for to have them be total pushovers.

And yet plenty of bosses are, for a whole variety of reasons. Generally, this tends to be either because their fight scene looked cooler in a cutscene - depriving you of some much needed punching time - or because they had to cut the initially planned battle due to time constraints.

However, this isn't the explanation behind all of them. Plenty of boss battle are made purposefully anti-climactic just because it can be really, really funny to have your expectations of a boss battle completely subverted. Also, a whole lot of games want to save something for the sequel, and you frankly can't blame them for doing so.

Not every boss can be Dark Souls levels of difficulty - and nor would we want them to be.

10. The Doormouse And March Hare Mech - Alice: Madness Returns

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When you see the unnerving cyborg Doormouse and March Hare again in Alice: Madness Returns, they're exactly as creepy as when you left them. They've clearly been up to a lot while you've been away, though, as the docile creatures you left behind instead have become notably more bloodthirsty, given they collectively try to murder you on three separate occasions.

While the first and second are stopped by you, though, the third and final deadly encounter requires you to do... absolutely nothing. The pair show up in an impressive looking robot, that's piloted by them both, only for a convenient falling teapot to his the mech in just such a way that it destroys it, and kills both Doormouse and Hare in the process.

As you'd likely suspect, it's been revealed that initial plans for the game would have you fight this machine, but due to time constraints this plan had to be scrapped and replaced by the cutscene that's in the game today.

You do technically get to face off against these cyborg animals twice, but you'd be lying if you said you didn't feel a profound sense of disappointment when you realised you wouldn't be facing off against their discount Transformer.


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