10 Video Game Bosses So Huge You Had To Take Them Down From The Inside

The vore of war.

Lost Planet 2 Gordiant

There are plenty of ways a boss fight can get dramatic. From swishy transformation, badass attacks, or just a particularly badass cutscene, there are insane amounts of battles that deserve a spot in your memory for some reason or another.

So it's interesting to note that being eaten by a boss counts as all three of these. Indeed, because it's an unusual way for a boss fight to go, if you've ever had the fortune (or perhaps misfortune) to end up in an enemy's stomach, you'll definitely have some very clear memories of the battle for a long time to come.

Because this, naturally, can result in some of the most surreal fight scenes in history. You're left fighting hearts, internal organs and uvulas in order to attempt to free yourself, all with the weird knowledge that you're now fighting this boss from their insides.

But, in spite of this strangeness - or possibly because of it - victory feels all the sweeter when you beat a boss from three-feet deep in their kidneys.

It really is true that the bigger they are, the harder they fall - and the more satisfied you feel for managing to take out a colossal foe who considered you all the threat of some cheese and crackers.

10. The Riftworm - Gears Of War 2

Lost Planet 2 Gordiant
Epic Games

On the general scale of badassery, worms come very, very low on the list. However, the Riftworm manages what its brethren generally cannot, by being an incredibly unnerving worm who kind of kicks your ass for a while.

Because, within minutes of first encountering this bad boy slithering around, you are eaten - while attempting to escape on a helicopter, to rub salt into the wound. Forced to kill it to try and escape, you dodge around the beast's gnashing teeth and destroy some of its dangerous internal parasites on your hunt for its heart.

For its gross finale, you then have to cut four of the Riftworm's ventricle arteries open to kill it, at which point you are practically bathing in the creature's blood.

With everyone escaping after literally cutting through the worm's side, covered head to toe in gross monster blood, you'd think they'd at least get a good job. Instead, they're told to hustle to the next mission as quick as they can.

You'd think they'd at least get a shower, if only so nobody accidentally shoots them because being drenched on blood isn't the most trustworthy look.


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